Have you watched Wipeout on ABC?  I absolutely love this show.  Something about watching other people “wipeout” is really funny!  John Anderson and John Henson (of Talk Soup fame) are excellent hosts and work off each other really well.  This is about the only show I’ve consistently dvr’d through the summer season.  And of course, who can forget THE BIG BALLS!?!

Sticker Factory

Growing up in El Monte, California we lived a mile or so away from an industrial park.  In the park there was a sticker factory.  Back in the 70s it seemed like a pretty big craze.  Those clear decals you wetted down and stuck to EVERYTHING (just ask my mother about the chest-of-drawers that got coated with them).  There were the “Keep on truckin’…” with the guy with one big foot way out in front.  And the peace signs and flowers, etc. etc.

In the front office of the manufacturing plant you could go in and by the stickers.  But the best part was after hours.  That’s when we jumped in the trash bin out back and brought home rolls of left over sticker material.  It seems like there was a paper factory there too that we would bring home all sizes and shape of paper tablets.

I have fond memories of riding my bike around town and feeling empowered by being able to get around town without relying on my parents.

GoogleReader Ate My Blog

Sorry if you just got blasted with past duplicate posts from this blog.  In order to try and clean up my site so that GoogleReader would play nice with it, I had to renumber the messages.

If you are techy… and are interested in what happened… continue reading…

Initially my blog was called dougdavies.net.  Later I moved ALL the content over to fookabloo.com.  However, Google still had the OLD content (let’s say pages 1-100) cached as dougdavies.net.  When I decided to revive dougdavies.net and started posting, I started over with post #1 which Google thought was post #1 from the previous site.  So GoogleReader got all confused.  Anyway… I’ve renumbered the post and all new posts SHOULD show up in GoogleReader (if that’s what you use).  Unfortunately, there is no way for me to tell Google to remove the old garbabe, so just view the new posts.

Thanks to “The Dude” for calling this to my attention.  It took me about a week to finally grasp what was going on here.

Wall Walkin’

One of the reasons I moved my personal stuff to this blog instead of my techy one, was so that I could start a new segment called “Childhood Memories”.  Each week I will attempt to dig into the foggiest corners of my brain and try to recall a childhood memory.  I find as I’m walking I see certain things that trigger a memory in my head, and I want to get them recorded.

One of my fondest childhood memories is that of “Wall Walking”.  When we first moved to Utah we had a cement block wall that traversed down the back of everyone’s property all the way down the street.  Me and my younger brother use to hop up on the wall and travel down the street, exploring… hmmm… today it might be considered peeping, but we were just kids, what did we know.  Anyway we’d traverse the wall and travel back (none of us ever fell off that I remember, but I’m sure we must have).  I think we felt independent… like we had discovered new territory and could do something the adults couldn’t do.

Anyway… I will be posting more… some things fresh on my mind: spelunking under my cousin’s house, building a spaceship, the sticker factory, big wheels a-go-go, Disco Doug and Rock N’ Roll Brad (or was it the other way around?), sticking carrots in socks, climbing around in the deerfield sewer holes, wow… and so much more.  Stay tuned!

A Short History Of Nearly Everything

I just got done listening to A Short History Of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.  A bit long (19 hours) and a bit too heavy on geology and evolution, but I really enjoyed the cosmology and physics (especially quantum — I wish he would have spent more time on this).  After listening to the book you realize just how volatile our world is.  From killer volcanoes to meteors that could potentially strike and obliterate life on this planet.  The fact that we exist here at this time is truly a miracle, but at the same time, the fact we exist here at this time is because this is the only time in the earth’s existence where we could have existed.  Go back 100s of millions of years ago and we wouldn’t even be able to breath the atmosphere that existed.  Go forward 100s of millions of years and we’ll probably be in an ice age and no human beings will remain.

You’ll be surprise about 3/4th the way through to hear the F word.  I seemed totally out of place, but was actually quite hysterical in context.  I recommend it, if you have the time, otherwise I think just tuning into the Discovery or the History channels will suffice.  Now I’m listening to Sex Money Kiss by Gene Simmons.  I’m expecting not quite such a cerebral experience.

One note: my friggin’ iPod refused to play past the 13h:15m:17s point.  I had to split the file.

Obsession v.s. Serenity

I recently had a discussion about obsession v.s. serenity.  They are dichotomies of each other.  You can’t have serenity if you are obsessing and you won’t obsess if you have true serenity.  For those of you that know me, you know the last 4 years have brought big changes to my life, not only financially, but spiritually.  The one true gift I have been blessed to receive and understand is serenity.

Serenity for me is being content with what I have and satisfied with where I am at in life.  For me, it’s the only way to manage with the circumstances I have been dealt.  Obsessing about money, fame, job, material objects only leads me to not live in the present.  And when I’m not in the present, then I am either obsessing about the past or obsessing about the future, which gets me nowhere closer to serenity.  Some days it’s hard and I have to “snap” myself out of it (just read my post on lawyers — that was a tough day).

I have many people to thank for helping me and for being great examples.  I spent many years away from my Christian beliefs, and although I am not a church-goer… I strongly agree with living a spiritual, moral, giving life.  The saying “Life is too short” is too true.  It’s too short to have resentments, be angry with people, and cause yourself and others misery.  Enjoy the breeze through the trees, snuggling up with a good book, and communicating with the world around you.  Serenity…

Check out my cartoon on obsession.

Frampton Came Alive!

Just got back from the Peter Frampton concert at the Ohio State Fair.  Great show!  A few surprises… he did all the “Talk Box” stuff you would expect, but his cover of “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden was phenomenal!  The song “Float” off his latest album “Fingerprints” was very interesting.  An ethereal feel to it.  And for the first few songs of the concert I swear I knew the bass player, but couldn’t place him.  Turns out it is John Regan of Frehley’s Comet fame.  His drummer is Dan Wojciechowski who I guess is from Columbus.  Both the rythm guitarist and keyboardist were excellent as well.  Good concert.  Professional, tight, and some surprises.