Opportunity Sucks!

I watched that new show “Opportunity Knocks” last week. I didn’t like it. Why? 1) It’s all about greed. Prizes are danced in front of the family. It made me a little ill to see the kids with greed in their eyes. 2) I just don’t think the timing is right in this economy, where people are struggling to hang onto their houses. 3) Overacted. Obviously the families are coached on how to react.

So… it’s a strike for Ashton Kutcher. It could have been fun to watch families answer questions about each other, but I just don’t think it was executed successfully. Now if Cloris Leachman would get the hell off of Dancing With The Stars…

Last Day Round 2

About 10 months ago I was writing about my last day at AOL. Sadly, today was my last day at Big Lots. I’ve made the decision to take a job with OCLC.  Everyone at Big Lots was great.  I made some good friends and learned LOTS of new stuff.  I just decided that retail isn’t for me and that I needed to be with a technology driven company.  Thanks guys!

John Connor Is A Moron

Ok, what’s up with John Connor?  This week on the season opener of “Terminator:SCC” he brought Cameron back to life after she tried to TERMINATE him!  Mom (Sarah) shoulda intervened.  But great season opener.  I just wonder how long they can keep the “on-the-run” story going.  I did like “liquid girl”.  WooHoo!

Back From Utah

Just got back from a week long trip in Utah.  It was fantastic!  First night we got to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse and walk around Temple Square.  The next day we went to Utah Olympic Park and saw the sights of the 2002 Winter Olympics as well as visited Park City and rode the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster.  The following day we hiked up Mt. Timpanogas and got a tour through the caves.  I hadn’t been through them since I was a child.

We then left northern Utah and headed to Southern Utah for a visit of Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.  We hiked up the narrows at Zion’s (we weren’t really dressed to do this) and hike down into the Queen’s Garden at Bryce.  Both excellent experiences.

Lastly, we moved onto Vegas where Chris got to experience all the thrill rides on top of the Stratosphere and the Speed coaster at Sahara.  I sat these out… was too pooped from all the previous activities.  We also saw the Steve Wyrick magic show at Planet Hollywood.

Great trip.  Thanks to my family for being flexible and providing such a nice time for us while in Utah.

Here are some photos of the trip.  More to come.  I still need to merge in the pictures Chris took (there’s lots of ’em).