Applebee’s (There She Blows!)

For Christmas I received a gift certificate for Applebee’s.  I hadn’t been there for several years, because the last time we were there we all got “colon blow’ incredibly bad.  So… thinking it was just a one time experience, we went back there today.  I ordered the appetizer-trio.  Within 5 minutes of leaving the restaurant, I had that uncomfortable growling in my lower intestine.  I knew I was in trouble… still 10 more minutes to the house.  Well, I held off the attack and made it home.  Did you ever notice that the urgency of the situation logarithmically increases as the distance to the house decreases?  I am now convinced there is something wrong with the food at Applebee’s.  A quick search on Google revealed I’m not alone.  Read this halarious review:

Has anyone else experienced this?

2 thoughts on “Applebee’s (There She Blows!)

  1. I once found a staple in my gumbo at Applebee’s. Not just a regular office staple (as if that would’ve been okay), but and industrial-sized staple that probably came from a sack of rice or something like that. Granted, this incident occurred back in 1994, in the Cincy area, but I didn’t go back to an Applebee’s for years.

  2. Okay – so I’m the nay-sayer here. But we LOVE Applebee’s. Amy loves their virgin margaritas, Mom and Dad take me every year for my birthday because we love their salads, and the chicken fingers actually are enough to fill Austin up. Maybe we have iron-clad stomachs and can handle their food. So . . . bottome line, if you end up with any Applebee’s gift cards again, you know who can use them!! Hello from your sister . . . Lori 🙂

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