Double Standard

I haven’t written in a while, but with the political circus now going on I need to dump about how I feel about the “double standard” that is taking place.  Everything the GOP and it’s followers are now doing, saying, and choosing to ignore are the same things they spent the last 8 years accusing Obama and the Democrats of doing.

Private email servers?  Well apparently it is ok now.  A soldier and child killed by poorly executed raid that was sanctioned by Trump and his son-in-law over dinner?  Benghazi anyone?  Of course the “President” chooses not to go to the intelligence briefings and executes all his plans based on the last person he talked to (or saw on Fox news).  And Executive Orders?  No one is batting an eye on the number executed… even though they are poorly drafted by the devil himself Steve Bannon (I’m reminded of the Drunk Uncle skits on SNL).  Oh… and comparing the immigration BAN to what Obama did earlier?  Not even close to the same thing.  I could go on and on… because almost everything they are now doing is exactly what they accused the other party of.  It’s called “projection” and it’s what mentally ill people do.

The double standard is disheartening.  And it’s not just from the politicians.  I’m experiencing it with GOP’ers.  I just spent the last 8 years listening to people bad-mouth Obama and his family.  Calling them monkeys.  Bashing Michelle’s looks (I think she’s smokin’ hot).  And now I’m told I’m suppose to respect the “presidency” and not say negative things about our fearless leader?  No thank you!  I will spend the next 4 (or 8 Lord help us) years speaking out against everything that is wrong with this administration.

This last week I posted a link for our YouTube channel to the Facebook group that I manage for my wife’s church.  My profile pic happened to be a black background with the words “#NotMyPresident” on it.  Within a few hours someone attacked me for dragging politics into a private church group.  It was my profile pic that shows up EVERYWHERE I go on Facebook.  I wasn’t targeting or even thinking about it and here I was having to take the abuse.  Needless to say, I’ve resigned that position.  I won’t stifle who I am online because someone finds my “Not My President” statement to be offensive.  I sat through picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache.

I think the Trump “Presidency” is a farce.  A joke gone bad.  He is unqualified.  He is not smart (if you disagree I urge you to watch this video).  He has no attention span.  He is narcissistic and thinks he alone can save the world.  He disrespects women (even now he is making his female staff “Dress Like A Woman” — whatever that is).  In his inauguration speech he said “We are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People”.  I don’t buy that for a minute.  We are on the borderline of losing all our privileges as far as that goes.  Threats to send military to protests.  The silencing of certain news outlets (except the crazy ones).  The introduction of “alternative facts”.  It all threatens to “stifle” our voices and our right to resist.  How easily could we become the next Venezuela?  We are living in an autocracy!

I was talking to my friend in Shanghai this week.  Of course they live in a very repressive society (I’m surprised we can even Skype).  He was like… what’s the big deal?  Don’t sweat it.  That bothers me.  I have an “ideal” of what I think America could be.  And we were “progressing” towards that ideal (think Star Trek).  Now I see us going backwards.  In the matter of 2 weeks we have gone back at least 8 years… and in some cases… 40 years.  Progress lost.  And it’s disheartening.  And people just stand there… like… it’s ok… everything will be ok.  Really?  I suppose that’s how the Jews felt at some point. Right?  Well.. maybe not.

I will resist.  I will protest.  Some days I want to give up.  What difference does it make?  But I will stay strong.  And I will prevail!  Fuck Trump!

3 thoughts on “Double Standard

  1. Your friend in China is used to authoritarianism…we in the U.S. aren’t. Sure, there are people who use hyperbole whenever there’s government overreach in areas they don’t want any kind of government interference , but it’s not even close to what people experience in truly repressive regimes.

    I’m glad people who oppose Trump aren’t sitting this out (kind of like when W was president). I think the constant pressure that’s being applied to Congress is having an effect — and it’s filtering up to the Executive branch, too. People in the center and center left are really pissed off by Trump — who as David Brooks says — is NOT a Republican. He’s an Ethnic Nationalist. I think even some in the GOP are realizing that just because Trump has an R next to his name, he’s gonna screw them too. We’ll see if he lasts four years. It’s possible he’ll resign. If his wife won’t move to the White House until summer, then I’m guessing she knows Donald will be home before then and she won’t have to disrupt her life — and the life of her kid.

  2. Doug, you are right! We must fight back. I posted on Facebook today a letter that was written about Trump vs Clinton. It hits most of your concerns. I will continue to post facts. I have lost a number of ” friends ” who are Trump supporters. They still are sheep following the fox. I pity them, as we know what’s coming and are fighting it, they will be ” shocked ” when the actions start affecting them.

  3. “Double Standards” was such an insightful account of the truth at this horrific time in our history. Keep up the good work! I look forward to more writings from you.


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