Church v.s. State

I guess I was kind of disappointed to read this:,0,3827549.story

I really don’t think religious groups should tell you how to vote, nor should they contribute to a campaign.

Some people might think we are going to Hell in a hand-basket.  Heaven forbid we have a black president, who is the best damn father I’ve seen and who is married to a woman who is going to promote family to our country.  Heaven forbid 2 people who love each other want to get married and raise a family.

I personally think intolerance and ignorance does the most harm.  Most wars are a result of this intolerance.  Thinking someone else should be living the way we do and enforcing our way of life on them.  We are a relatively new country.  How can we pretend to think it’s our way or the highway?  How can a country that’s only 5% of the world’s population think it’s the majority?  Most of the world is not white (  The majority of the world is not Christian (  We ARE the minority!  We live in a world of many wonderful cultures.  Perhaps we should convert to their way of thinking?

P.S. I actually had people that would not let their children come up to my door to trick-or-treat because I had Obama signs in my yard.  Now that’s parenting!  Instill the fear into the children.

A New Era

Hooray!  I am happy.  I think this is the start of a new era.  Hopefully one where we can now pull together as a nation.  I think we have a leader that can do that.  McCain’s speech was great… awaiting Obama’s.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There Was Signs

So Halloween was last night and someone decided to play a “trick” on me and take my 4 Obama signs and replace them with 1 McCain/Palin sign.  Luckily I had a spare to at least put one back out there.  My take on this… intolerance.  We aren’t suppose to be a divided nation.  We’re suppose to be working together to solve the problems.  I think that’s the difference between the candidates.


John McCain says:

“I love being the underdog. You know, every time that I’ve gotten ahead, somehow I’ve messed it up,” the Republican candidate said.

Wow… well at least he admits to messing up, unlike our current Republican leader.  But wasn’t he the clear leader a few months back?  I was thinking Obama didn’t stand a chance, now it’s the other way around.  Hmmm….

When criminals in this world appear,
And break the laws that they should fear,
And frighten all who see or hear,
The cry goes up both far and near for
Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!
Speed of lightning! Roar of thunder!
Fighting all who rob or plunder!
Underdog! Underdog!

For A Good Time Call…

I have received 6 calls:

Oct 16, 7:51pm, Oct 15, 4:41pm, Oct 14, 6:18pm, Oct 13, 4:41pm, Oct 10, 4:33pm, Oct 8, 5:14pm

from this number:


in the last week.  I have not picked up.  It’s from a campaign fund-raising organization (I know, cuz I called them back and got a recording).


UPDATE: I was called EVERY day this last week as well. Amazing! Can’t wait for Nov. 4th.